The Meg (2018)

The Meg is just another harmless big budget blockbuster. It was created by the large motion picture company Warner Bros. and was clearly trying to replicate the much loved Jaws franchise. Although it came no where near the brilliance of the first Jaws movie, it at the very least was still enjoyable. The plot was predictable and was a little cheesy at times but it still accomplished what a movie is meant to do, entertain. The shark special effects were done beautifully and there were definitely times when you could feel tension and suspense as you saw the dorsal fin encroach towards the main protagonists. I thought the most of the actors performed great except for the main character who was played by Jason Statham. I thought his dialogue felt a little forced and any scene where he had to communicate with other characters because of a lack of action felt awkward. He does amazing with the action sequences but when there was more down time he seemed out of his comfort zone. The last problem I have with this movie is the completely missed potential they had with Rainn Wilson. I’m a huge fan of The Office and when I saw that this film had Rainn Wilson in it i couldn’t help but get excited. I was very disappointed with the lack of material given to him as an actor, because I know what he can do with a good script. They had him play a narcissist millionaire who spends more time just being a jerk rather than using his comedic brilliance. It seemed every character in this film played some sort of comic relief except for the actor that would have done it best. With all things considered, it was a mindless summer blockbuster that can be entertaining, but it isn’t anything special. If you have time on your hands and want to watch a movie that can give you a couple hours of entertainment i recommend you to throw this on but don’t expect anything spectacular

Final Rating: 5/10